Oliver – Auditions


The Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society are delighted to announce our next autum show

So, if you are a performer, who can Act, Sing and Dance and would like to experience the magic of being in this production, contact us to arrange an audition.

Show dates from Thursday 9th November to Sat 11th November

Audition date: Thursday,  1st June 2023.

Venue: R&R Studios, 67 Rathmines

             Road Upper, Dublin 6.

Contact: Jimmy on 087 755 3078 and we will give you an audition time

We will be auditioning for the below roles;

Audition pieces for can be found via https://issuu.com/mtieurope/docs/oliver_libvb

Mr Bumble:

Music No 7, ‘Boy for sale’.

Dialogue: Pages 8-9, 88-89.


Music No 40, ‘Reviewing the situation’.

Dialogue: Pages 41 – 44 ( from ‘Bill !’)

Bill Sikes:

Music No 29, ‘My Name’.

Dialogue: Pages 80-82  ( from ‘Cor, look at this. )


Music No 31, ‘As long as he needs me’.

Dialogue: Pages 81 – 83 ( from ‘Leave him alone Bill. )

Mrs Corney:

Music No 6, ‘I shall scream’.

Dialogue:  Pages 8 – 9  and  88 – 89.

Mr Sowerberry:

Music No 8,  ‘Thats your Funeral’.

Dialogue:  Pages 12 – 14.

Mrs Sowerberry: As Mr Sowberry.

Mr Brownlow:

Dialogue Pages 93 – 97.

Dr Grimwig:   

Dialogue Pages  70 – 74.

Mrs Bedwin:

Dialogue Page 95.


Dialogue Pages 90 – 91.

Sing into Summer


With summer fast approaching, why not join us for a night’s entertainment with some of the broadway greats & enjoy a glass of vino

Dont forget to make the call for tickets as they are selling fast (087 2529373)