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The RnR will be performing  ‘A  LITTLE  NIGHT  MUSIC’  

Auditions’ for our upcoming musical will take place on
 Thurs 18th Jan.starting at 7:30pm  in the RnR hall
Can all those interested in auditioning call Jimmy Dixon on 0877553078 for an appointment.


Frederick Egerman,  PA,55:   Baritone A2-E4: successful lawyer.
Anne Egerman, PA, 18: Soprano G#3-A5: Fred’s new, naive wife.
Henrik Egerman, PA, 20:  Tenor G3-B4: Fred’s serious, confused son.
Petra, Anne’s maid: PA, 30’s: Mezzo F#3-F5: brash, bold, flirtatious.
Desiree Armfeldt:  PA, 50: Mezzo F#3-Ab5: self-absorbed once beautiful actress.
Frederica Armfeldt:  PA,13: Soprano C4-Eb5: Desiree’s daughter.
Madame Leonora Armfeldt: Alto C3-F#4: Desiree’s mother, former courtesan.
Frid: PA, 20’s:Madame’s manservant: has a tryst with Petra.
Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm: PA, 40: Tenor G2-F#4: self righteous, dim, possessive dragoon,
Countess Charlotte Malcom: PA, 40: Mezzo G3-F5: self-loathing alcoholic

Quintet: Mr Lindquist,  Mrs Nordstrom,  Mrs Anderson,  Mr Erlanson,
Mrs Segstrom

Malala: Desiree’s maid: with her constantly: silent role
Osa: Maid at Madame Arnfeldt’s .
Bertrand: Page at Madame Armfeldt’s.

2 Actresses: Act 1, Scene 2.
A Page: Act 1, Scene 2.

The following are the audition pieces


FREDRIKA  ARMFELDT:  Act 1, Prologue, pages 4-5.
MADAME ARMFELDT:  Act 1, Prologue, pages 4-5.
HENRIK  EGERMAN:  Act 2, Scene 2A, pages 12-13.
ANNE  EGERMAN:  Act 2, Scene 5, pages 28-30.
FREDRIK  EGERMAN:  Act 1,  Scene 4, pages 33-36.
PETRA: Act 1,  Scene 1, pages 13-14.
DESIREE  ARMFELDT: Act 1,  Scene 4, pages 33-36.
COUNT C-M MALCOLM: Act 1,  Scene 5, pages 48-50.
COUNTESS C. MALCOLM: Act 1,  Scene 5, pages 48-50.

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